The Star Swan Phenomenon
Love Where the Light Is
Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!  I’m Star Swan, author of what my fellow writers and focus groups are calling “the new, red-hot, drop-dead Herstory series of romantic thrillers.” What an epigraph to live up to, but I believe I’ve done it. Twenty years in the making, the Herstory series comprises three volumes: A Woman’s Book, Hearts of Fire, and Gangsters of Love. Often I'm asked how my stories differ from everyone else's. My books not only provide compelling and complex plot lines, but also solve a frequent writer's dilemma - how to depict lovemaking in ways that support deep, meaningful romance. My writing develops the heightened synergy of unconditional love and evocative erotica. There is nothing cheap or dirty about my books. My passionate sex scenes celebrate love on a molecular level, and take place within the context of involved, committed relationships.

I make my readers a promise that I have not broken and will not break, no matter how many books I write. That is, not one of my books will feature the so-called “open ending,” which leaves readers up in the air and challenges them to complete the author’s job. When a book I read ends like that, I either toss it into the mini-dumpster that lives in my garage or use it as fire-starter. The “open ending” showcases the author’s inability to take a stand or draw any conclusion regarding the events and conflicts set up in the preceding pages. The cognizant reader perceives it as the writer walking away from the work before it's finished. It’s often a cheap shot on the part of an author who insists on deploying the soap-opera formula: Stay tuned, for the next bad episode on the same bad channel! It’s a trite, obvious ploy to sell more books. After I watch a movie with an inconclusive ending, I want my money back, and I don’t want my readers to feel this way about my books. The respect I have for my readers obligates me to provide profound, provocative wrap-ups to my stories. I work hard on my endings. I think the last page of a book should be as compelling as the first page, and should reward the reader for his or her time spent reading the book. I wrote four different endings to Hearts of Fire. On my Books page, I share one of the three endings that I left on the cutting room floor. They all knocked my socks off, but the ending that I chose was more sympathetic, more consistent with the plot line, distinctive, and better.

You’re invited to visit my Books page, for a free taste of each of the three books in the Herstory series. The first, A Woman’s Book, is due to launch soon. In the meantime, please check my Blog, and I’ll keep you posted on my journey as I bring my stories into the light, where the love is.


 Star Swan