Star Swan thrives in the Land of Enchantment. A woman of many talents, she is a goldsmith, painter, and photographer who views the American Southwest as the perfect place to overcome life’s undertow, commune with spirit, and create beauty.

“My writing is a means of meditation,” she says, “a roadmap to inner wisdom. I once named a collection of short stories Kittywhiskers, because my totem, the mountain lion, often relies on its whiskers to navigate through life’s process.”

Swan’s experience as a financial and marketing consultant immersed in the “dog-eat-dog treadmillism” of the corporate world, as well as her weapons and long-distance sailing expertise, uniquely qualify her to create the true-to-life, fictional environments in which the complex love affairs of the Herstory series evolve. A Woman’s Book, Hearts of Fire, and Gangsters of Love comprise Star Swan’s
Herstory trilogy of romantic thrillers.

When asked why it has taken her twenty years to publish her books, Swan smiles. "This question has two right answers. The short answer is that I'm a late bloomer, and the long answer is that I needed the time to do the research."
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