The Herstory trilogy of romantic thrillers is born of an imperfect world - raw, ripe, and rife with sex, violence, and tenderness. Previous colorful romance novels, beginning back in the day with such edgy works as Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Women in Love, Fanny Hill, The Group, and The Story of O, pale in comparison to these three books, which are white-hot, sexy, and shot through with a mind-altering substance - the marriage of long-lasting love and evocative erotica - intended for sophisticated adult audiences.
A Woman’s Book perfects the art of saying goodbye, with a combination of gut, wit, strength, intelligence, wisdom, and love. Volatile financial markets and a romantic sailing adventure are the backdrops against which the story builds the capacity of partners Sherrill Meleney and John Lauria to love, to trust, and to say goodbye. With each breath we buy time - to see, hear, feel, taste, smell, and love each moment - until one day the store is closed for business. A Woman’s Book delivers on the promise that our lives are worth living - even though life runs out of breath - and proves the value of dying well. [Free Chapter Download]
Hearts of Fire explores a love that works, between Sherrill Meleney as an older woman and Daniel Marin as a younger man, and debunks the traditional paradigm that stipulates the May-December pairing between the younger woman and older man. The undying love that unfolds in Hearts of Fire is threatened by the challenges of war, terrorism, and exile, and evolves into an unexpected dimension of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. [Free Chapter Download]
I wrote several endings for Hearts of Fire before I discovered that it would have a sequel, Gangsters of Love, which pre-empted all of them. I'd like to share this one with you.  [Free Download: Alternative Ending]


Gangsters of Love
details Sherrill's and Daniel’s return from exile and Sherrill's kidnapping and incarceration by a terrorist cell, and plumbs the depths of desolation, devastation, and despair.
When all appears hopeless and suicide seems to be the only option that makes sense, intense spiritual strength and practice facilitate unconditional love's victory over fear. This final volume of the Herstory trilogy manifests a one-of-a-kind, twin flame state of loving at a level above that of soul mates. [Free Chapter Download]
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