What Every Man Should Read - What Every Woman Wants

My writer’s vision is that previous racy romance novels will pale in comparison to the Herstory series, which is sizzling hot and shot through with purple-black. “Purple-Black” is female lead character Sherrill Meleney’s expression for a head-bending orgasm. The intense, blinding heat of the moment is accompanied by pulsating purple and black billows, of all sizes, shades and shapes, held in the mind’s eye. Imagine yourself experiencing a series of over-the-top, barn-burning erotic moments, within the context of endless, unconditional love. I think it’s required reading for every man, because it’s what every woman wants.

Pornography - What It Is and What It Isn’t

Pornography is an intensely contested issue, so I’ll take this opportunity to address it. I know there’s a cadre of detractors out there who will insist that my writing is pointless pulp fiction, laced with prurient porn. I’m not going to try to sell these readers. My favorite reader is the discerning, educated consumer who is aware of the wide gulf between pornography and tasteful titillation. The Herstory experience is rare and unequaled, synthesizing expressive eroticism and lasting love. I’ve certainly read and watched enough porn to know that it’s not what I aim to proliferate. The key distinction between the erotic episodes in my writing and pornography is that porn exhibits an egregious lack of emotion, caring, or warmth in its construct. True porn is a dispassionate, empty state that exists in absolute zero temperature--0° Kelvin, -273° Celsius, or -459° Fahrenheit. Erotica is an expression of love with high regard for one's partner(s). Pornography is not an expression; it is a race over hurdles to the finish line--The Money Shot. BDSM scenes typical of porn are often abusive, demoralizing and degrading, but in the Herstory series I have included a BDSM episode that is probably the most erotic and exotic love scene I’ve ever read or written. Not only does it rock the planet off its axis with its body heat; it also bears witness to the highest degree of bonding between partners. Does that sound impossible? I present proof positive that the impossible is possible. If you don’t quite believe me, take your best shot, read Gangsters of Love when it arrives, and you’ll find out.
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